2017 Midlothian Bond Referendum
A Community Driven Planning Process


Midlothian is a thriving community of 26,000 residents -- a population that is expected to grow by 20,000 over the next decade.



Due to our fast growth, and the high expectations our citizens have in City Hall, the Mayor and Council commissioned a Citizens Planning Group to review the long-term capital needs of Midlothian.



Comprised of 22 residents from every walk of life and with a diverse array of professions, the committee pored through financial data, traffic reports and community expectations for four months. All meetings were open to the public to make sure everyone had the opportunity to provide their input.



After their review, the Citizens Planning Group recommended an $80.4 million bond proposal that, according to Citizens Planning Group member Tom Coleman,  “takes care of the basics for the next generation.”  These “basics” include road and street repair, public safety facilities and the completion of Community Park.



On August 15, the City Council adopted the proposal with a 7-0 vote and placed four propositions on the November 7th bond referendum ballot.