2017 Midlothian Bond Referendum
Frequently Asked Questions

How was the Midlothian bond package developed?
In response to our current and projected fast growth, the Mayor and Council commissioned a Citizens Planning Group to review the long-term capital needs of Midlothian.  The group was comprised of 22 residents from every walk of life and a diverse array of professions. Over four months, the committee analyzed financial data and traffic reports, and all meetings were open to the public. After their review, the Citizens Planning Group recommended an $80.4 million bond package. 



Did the Citizens Planning Group consider a larger bond package?
The Citizens Planning Groups reviewed a wide selection of capital projects. After much debate and input from residents, the committee narrowed the bond package to $80.4 million.



What was the final vote by the Midlothian City Council?
On August 15, the Mayor and City Council adopted the proposal with a 7-0 vote and placed four propositions on the November 7th bond referendum ballot.



What is going to be addressed by the bond package?
If approved by voters, the 2017 bond package will fund road and street repairs, public safety facilities including a new police headquarters and fire station, and the completion of Community Park. Click HERE for more detailed information about the specifics of the bond package as well as a cost breakdown for each of the four propositions.



Phase I of Community Park was finished some time ago with funds from a previous bond referendum. What will be financed in this bond package?
Proposition D would provide $16 million for the completion of Phase 2 and 3 of the Community Park. The expansion of the park would include new youth baseball fields, a splash pad, walking trails, playgrounds, picnic pavilions, a fishing pond and other multi-purpose areas.



How quickly is our community growing?
The population of Midlothian has grown by over 13,000 people since 2006 with another 20,000  expected to move into our city over the next decade.  That’s a projected increase of 77% from today’s population.



Should voters approve the entire bond package, what is going to be the impact on Midlothian taxpayers?
Midlothian residents will not see a tax increase with the passage of the bond package – it will be financed with our existing tax base and the future growth of our community.



If voters approve the bond referendum, does the city borrow the entire amount all at once? 
No. Bonds are issued to cover the cost of projects only at the time they are needed and approved by the City Council.  



Who do we contact if we want more information about the bond referendum?
Since the program's inception in 2011, City Hall has earned the Texas Comptroller’s highest rating for transparency, accountability and financial integrity – this is a track record our city leaders are determined to maintain. Should you have any questions or would like more information, visit www.MidlothianBonds.com or call us at (972) 775-3481.